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General Wellness

Active process of becoming aware toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Weight Management

Maintain a healthy body weight on the basis of a person's age, sex and height.

Diabetic Care

Nutrition based upon their medical condition and individual needs.

Diet for Kids

Work fruits and vegetables into the daily routine

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Calculate your ideal weight


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Enjoy your perfect fit body


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Why Eclat Fitness?

Healthy diet plan for Indian lifestyle

Plan suiting for work schedules

Unique diet requirement

Inclusion of your favourites

Easy to make recipes

No Fancy foods

A plan made from your everyday kitchen ingredients

Plan that don't disturb your family meals Regular follow-ups

Changing of plans based on changing needs

Flexible timing for yoga classes

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Clients Success Story

If they can, so can you. Creating diet plans that lead to lifestyle changing experience



Our testimonials are taken from actual patient reviews across our estate. We are very proud to have received such positive feedback.

I have lost 8 kgs over a period of 2 months following the diet which you gave me regularly. I used to have a great amount of pain in my ankles but they are getting better day by day. I now feel a lot more energetic than i used to feel before working with you. I am having skin allergy issue in which i used to take tablets every three days.However,this period has gone upto five days now. Thanks a lot Sneh for such a great diet program Thank a ton.

Rajrani Housewife

Hello! Sneh, I really want to thank you for your amazing diet plan.I must say,diet has major part to cover when you need to transform your body. My bodyweight was less than 60kg once and i was too skinny however,after following this fixed diet plan by Eclat Fitness. I have seen the big change in me. Now my bodyweight around 65-66kg in just 2 to 2.5 months.Not even i have gained weight but also this diet helped me to put on muscle mass. I have also felt my energy level has also improved. I must say,Exercise alone doesn't work if you don't follow a perfect diet. Once again A BIG Thanks to Eclat Fitness for disciplined and effective diet plan.

Rajiv Kumar Engineer

Sneh is an amazing dietician as well as a great person. She is so flexible when it comes to my crazy work schedule and makes sure to always fit me in. Every day she pushes me harder towards my goals and keeps me motivated and goal oriented, instead making me dread working out she helps me with the perfect diet. I lost upto 10 kg in 3 months by following her guidence and diet. I m getting fit day by day which brings me confidence and strength. Thanks to you Sneh for your guidance.

Tanuj Businessman

Hey Sneh,Really loved your diet.I had pcod and i was litterally living on hormonal pills.For the first time I got my periods wihout any pill. Thanks you so much for amazing diet. You changed the meaning of diet for me. I always thought diet means starving but in your diet i never starved and ate all the food that i love. You changed my lifestyle. Thank You so much


We as a couple never realized that we could lose weight along with our tight working schedules , having no time for workouts. We never realized losing weight is about eating nutritious and not eating less. Thank sneh for all the advice and helping us becoming fit and feel much more energetic throughout the day.

Chandan Sharma

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